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Internal Gears for Automobile

Short Description:

1. Gear MaterialCarbon steel, stainless  steel, Alloy steel, Copper(40Cr 40CrMo  20CrMnTi 20CrNiMo 45#steel)

2. Gear Size: by drawings

3. OEM:provided

4. Bore: Finished bore

5. Module: 0.6~8

6. Heat Treatment: Harending & Tempering

7. Teeth Hardened: Hardness 55-65 HRC

8. Processing:Forging, hobbing, precision  machining, heat treatment, surface treatment

Product Detail

Product Details

Internal gears have several advantages when properly applied. One of the benefits is that the sliding effect is reduced. The corresponding tooth surfaces of the internal gear and the pinion gear are closer to the same length than when the external gear and the pinion gear have the same gear ratio and tooth length. Therefore, the relative slip of the teeth is less inside the case. This point brings up one of the advantages of using internal gears. The sliding action of one tooth on the other tooth causes friction; since friction causes tooth wear, it is advisable to reduce the sliding action.
Our company is well equipped with latest technology, tools, and has support of highly skilled professionals to execute the projects qualitatively within the stipulated time frame. We possess the latest machineries for the complete processing of gears like Gear Hobbing Machine, Gear Shapers, CNC lathes, Gear Grinding Machines, Rack Generators, Bevel Gear Generators, Surface Grinders, Cylindrical Grinders, Internal Grinders, Computer Numerical Control Turning and Machining, etc.


An internal gear can be described as the opposite of an external gear, where the tooth points rather than away from the center, and takes the opposite position to the tip and the root of the tooth. The internal gear provides a compact parallel shaft transmission drive with large speed cuts. The ratio of using a standard spur gear is the same for the two external gears, but the center distance is smaller. In the case, it is necessary to have two parallel shafts rotating in the same direction, and the internal gear eliminates the use of idler gears.

Product Parameter

No. Item Description
1 Name Internal Gear Ring
2 Size Products can be customized.
3 Material 45#Steel,20CrMnTi,40Cr,20CrNiMo,20MnCr5,GCR15SiMn,42CrMo,2Cr13stainless   steel, Nylon, Bakelite, Copper, Aluminums, etc.
4 Production Process The main process is gear shaping.
5 Heat Treatment Carburizing and quenching, High-frequency   quenching,Nitriding, Hardening and tempering, Selecting heat treatment   according to the different materials.
6 Testing Equipment Rockwell hardness tester 500RA, Double mesh instrument   HD-200B & 3102,Gear measurement center instrument CNC3906T and other High   precision detection equipment.
7 Standard DIN, ASTM, GB, JIS, BS
8 Usage Used in printing machine, cleaning machine, medical   equipment, garden machine, construction machine, electric car, valve,   forklift, transportation equipment and various gear reducers, etc.
9 Package According to customer's request

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