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Hobbing Helical Gears for Textile Machines

Short Description:

1. Gear MaterialCarbon steel, stainless steel, Alloy steel, Copper(40Cr 40CrMo 20CrMnTi 20CrNiMo 45#steel)

2. Gear Size: by drawings

3. OEM:provided

4. Bore: Finished bore

5. Module: 0.6~8

6. Heat Treatment: Harending & Tempering

7. Teeth Hardened: Hardness 55-65 HRC

8. Manufacturing method: Teeth milling/  Teeth Grinding

9. Processing:Forging, hobbing, precision  machining, heat treatment, surface treatment

Product Detail

Product Details

Helical gear in operation is always in the same state, with no meshing blind area to provide speed uniformity, with the most direct outcome being that speed is stable.

The instantaneous speed of the spur gear is modified due to a manufacturing process fault, and the speed is not consistent due to the error when the gear is in and out.
A smooth transmission, low noise, and axial force characterize helical gear. Spur gear transmission is noisy, has no axial force, and has easily broken teeth.

High degree of overlap: As the degree of overlap increases, the gear's bearing capacity will also rise. thus extending the gear's lifespan. The meshing time primarily determines the degree of contact, and because the helical gear meshing time is prolonged, a large contact area is created, reducing stress. Additionally, boost the transmission's economy and smoothness.


Additionally highly well-liked products are helical gears.We are committed to providing a wide variety of gears because we are a certified company.These are expertly produced using premium raw materials and cutting-edge machinery as per the established industry requirements, all under the supervision of qualified personnel.

The offered equipment is available in a variety of specifications to fulfill the unique needs of the clients.Furthermore, we offer these at competitive pricing.Modern engineering concepts are used in the design and development of the goods offered, which are regarded for features such as accurate dimensions, dependability, and corrosion resistant structure.

Product Parameter

Gear shaft model Customized gear accoding to customers   sample or drawing
Processing machine Hobbing machine
Material 20CrMnTi/ 20CrMnMo/ 42CrMo/ 45#steel/   40Cr/ 20CrNi2MoA
Heat treattment Carburizing and quenching/ Tempering/   Nitriding/ Carbonitriding/ Induction hardening
Hardness 58-62HRC
Qaulity standerd GB/ DIN/ JIS/ AGMA
Accuracy class 5-8 class
Shipping Sea shipping/ Air shipping/ Express
Delivery time 30-60days

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