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Helical Gears with Good Process

Short Description:

1. Gear MaterialCarbon steel, stainless steel, Alloy steel, Copper(40Cr 40CrMo 20CrMnTi 20CrNiMo 45#steel)

2. Gear Size: by drawings

3. OEM:provided

4. Bore: Finished bore

5. Module: 0.6~8

6. Heat Treatment: Harending & Tempering

7. Teeth Hardened: Hardness 55-65 HRC

8. Manufacturing method: Teeth milling/  Teeth Grinding

9. Processing:Forging, hobbing, precision  machining, heat treatment, surface treatment

Product Detail

Product Details

Helical gears have numerous benefits.
The most obvious outcome is that the speed is stable because the helical gear is always in the state of a rodent and there is no meshing blind area to maintain speed uniformity;

The instantaneous speed of a spur gear is altered by a manufacturing process fault, and the speed is not constant because of the error when the gear is in and out.

Axial force, low noise, and smooth transmission characterize helical gear. Spur gear transmissions are noisy, noisy, lack axial force, and have easily broken teeth;


From concept to design and manufacture, we offer design, analysis, and drafting services.Every stage of these gears' production is overseen by our team of highly experienced engineers and technicians. We adhere to all demanding quality testing to ensure that our customers only receive the best items.We have the experience, skills, and equipment to evaluate the system's design, manufacturability, and operational expectations.

Product Parameter

Gear shaft model Customized gear accoding to customers   sample or drawing
Processing machine CNC machine
Material 20CrMnTi/ 20CrMnMo/ 42CrMo/ 45#steel/   40Cr/ 20CrNi2MoA
Heat treattment Carburizing and quenching/ Tempering/   Nitriding/ Carbonitriding/ Induction hardening
Hardness 55-65HRC
Quality standerd GB/ DIN/ JIS/ AGMA
Accuracy class 4-12 class
Shipping Sea shipping/ Air shipping/ Express
Delivery time 30-60days
Our Brand Vanhon
Product Helical Gear
Gear Material Carbon steel, stainless steel, Alloy   steel, Copper
Teeth 9T-120T
Gear Size As drawings
Processing Forging, hobbing, precision machining,   heat treatment, surface treatment
OEM Provided
Machining Equipment Vertical and horizontal CNC lathe,   Machining center, CNC taping center, CNC hobbing machine, CNC cylindrical   grinder, Welding machines, Hydraulic broaching machine, etc.
Heat Treatment Normalizing, quenching and tempering,   Carburizing and quenching ,salt bath quenching, Vacuum quenching, Subzero   treatment, Liquid nitriding/Gas
Surface Treatment Zinc plated, Non-chromate dacromet   treatment,chromium plated,black oxide treatment, phosphorization, anodic   oxidation, nickel plated
Application Marine, automotive,off highway machine,   Agriculture machinery, gearbox,CNC machine, food machinery, etc.
Packing Carton box or as your requests

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