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As an approved gear supplier to the Aerospace & Aviation industry, Vanhon machinery Technology Co.,Ltd holds ISO 9001-2000 certificates and supply many types of actuation & custom gears used in the aerospace sector and in particular, we can manufacture to very tight tolerances in a wide range of high tensile aerospace materials.

Vanhon produce fully traceable actuation gears, aircraft assemblies, universal, articulating and plunging joints.



When it comes to motorsport and performance cars, Vanhon have the expertise to provide you with gears, gearboxes and transmissions parts to meet your needs. We are used to working with short lead times and have flexible shifts, enabling us to offer parts turned around within 24 hours.

Food & Agriculture


We are a gear manufacturing company who offer bespoke gears and gearboxes to other specialist markets such as food, agricultural, renewable energy and tobacco markets throughout UK and worldwide.
We can supply all types of precision gears used in Tobacco emerging markets and food sectors. Our large and modern gear cutting and manufacturing facility can machine and supply gears in a wide range of tensile materials.
For any specific application requirements, please do not hesitate in telephoning us today, we will be happy to assist you.



From transmissions to steering systems, the marine market has its own requirements in terms of gears. Vanhon have experience of producing specific gears for the marine industry and can meet a full range of gear requirements, including:

● Worms and wheels
● Bevel gears
● Straight spur gears
● Helical gears

● Spline shafts
● Planet gears
● Steering Shafts

Medical Equipment Gears


As a gears supplier to the Medical equipment industry, We supply small Epicyclic gears for air and electric tools in stainless and precipitation harden materials. Vanhon can manufacture to very tight tolerances in a wide range of high tensile materials. Using one-hit machining techniques and sliding head technology, Vanhon are capable of maintaining high accuracy at competitive rates on gear and prismatic components. As an indication of our expertise in the medical sector, we currently provide the following medical gears requirements:

● Planet gears & pinions used in 2 and 3 stage epicyclic gearboxes used in surgeons equipment.
● Rack & pinion gear box assemblies used in precision titration machines.

Off Highway


As a gears supplier to the Off Highway industry, We supply all types of gears used in the Off Highway sector and in particular, we can manufacture to very tight tolerances in a wide range of high tensile materials.
As an example of the type of gears we produce for the Off Highway sector, we currently supply:
● Spur gears
● Helical gears
● Shaped, hobbed & ground gears
● Shafts
● Splines
We can supply applications such as gear shafts and transmissions for a wide range of equipment and machinery used in construction and agriculture.

Oil, Gas & Petrochemical


Vanhon Machinery have a number of customers within the sub sea , oil, gas and petrochemical industry.
When it comes to drilling and well servicing, gear components have to be manufactured to particularly stringent standards and from specialist exotic and hardened materials. A breakdown underground is extremely costly.
Vanhon produce gears for the world’s highest performance tractor units. Applying aviation standards traceability and the highest quality standards .
MOD markets
Vanhon machinery are also established gears suppliers to the MOD and Defence markets.
We supply shafts and helical gears for warrior vehicle and gear shafts used by the Ministry of Defence. We have been involved in design assist projects to modify gear boxes and ratio changes to upgrade legacy fighting vehicles.

Pump Gears


Vanhon Gears offer a full design, prototype and development service for companies requiring custom gears for the pumping and pumps industry.
Our comprehensive gear cutting and manufacturing facilities enable us to offer a wide range of versatile internal and external gear pumps.
Whether it be for high pressure gear pump applications or industrial gear pumps, our team of highly qualified engineers have the practical experience and capabilities to assist you on your next project.
Please contact us today for discussing any particular requirements you may have, we will be happy to assist you!